Do You Employ Foreign Language Staff?

Ireland T&T offers training courses to people of diverse professional fields and not only by competent trainers but in different languages too. It is a multi-lingual organization that provides most of its courses in languages such as Polish, Czech, German, Spanish, Hungarian, Russian, Lithuanian, Chinese, etc. to name a few.

They have trained and certified interpreters that are also, qualified translators. They are trained to accommodate your needs, satisfy your queries and provide you guaranteed solutions at negotiable costs. Similarly, they oblige to customize their courses to the respective needs of the people.

According to the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, (Part 2, Section 9), whenever information or training for that matter is given to the employees, their employers must be careful in providing it in such propriety that the manner, form and language is easily understood, the workplace hazards and risks are clearly identified and the names of safety authorities are mentioned in many languages as possible and among other things, the instructions, training and supervision provided should be in a language that is reasonably understood.

Hence, Ireland T&T, also abides by the Employment Equality Act 1998 and 2004, firmly believes in the equality of all workers with respect to their mother tongues, and/or language(s) they can easily understand and communicate with. The Act not only refers to workplace discrimination in terms of language but also gender, employment training, sexual harassment, equal opportunities, etc.

This is why Ireland T&T’s success and worth is credited to the fundamental and core principles by which it works, such as the understanding of client’s needs, professionalism, multi-linguists, and most importantly the legislative foundation of the company.

Therefore, by choosing Ireland T&T, a wonderful, and technically informative experience is guaranteed, and you need not worry about your poor or no English as there is no such thing as a language barrier in Ireland T&T!

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