How Often Should I Refresh My Manual Handling Course?

“There is no set requirement, but it is recommended that refresher training should be provided at intervals not more than every three years or where there is a change in work practices resulting in the introduction of a new system of work related to manual handling or use of equipment to handled loads.”


Ireland T&T has a top priority to stay updated with the frequent changes in the work practice and hence, providing quick, easy, low cost and updated training courses related to manual handling, equipment use and loading jobs.

Even though it is not penned down that a fixed time interval is needed for each refresher course but it is generally advisable that training should be provided after every two to three weeks, after six months to a year or even at most a three-year gap, but any delay further than this may result in the ringing of alarm bells. The Safety, Health, and Welfare Work Act 2005, that was first introduced in 1989 by the same name, brought further guidelines for the respective personals at work. It further clarified and pin pointed the responsibilities of the employers, employees, self-employed and even the Health and Safety Authority in order to avoid any breach in the safety and health in the workplace.

The Ireland T&T abides by such legislations, by staying safe than later being sorry and ensures:

  • A safe, risk free work place
  • Training and conducting workshops for the employees
  • Safety and health of the workers
  • Safe machinery and its maintenance, etc.
  • Provide and maintain facilities for the welfare of the employees
  • To avoid major work-related musculoskeletal disorders by wrong handling of equipment, and many others.

These Manual Handling Courses provide the adequate knowledge, skills, and techniques to workers which enables them to be proficient in their jobs, be it a Wall Mart shelfer or a construction site loader.

Ireland TT Limited